If someone on your list this holiday season is

Drones, defined as unmanned aircrafts controlled by remote control or onboard computers, are an emerging consumer tech industry segment. If someone on your list this holiday season is enamored with the idea of owning the latest and greatest tech, or is intrigued by aerial film and photography, a drone fits the bill as a fancy gift idea.[View this story as a slideshow]To meet the desires of tech enthusiasts and aerial photographers, the team at SpecOut put together a list of the top 10 consumer drones on the market this holiday season. Some of the options on this list are not cheap, costing close to $3,000; however, they are high quality pieces of cutting edge technology that are probably the only item some people will want as a gift this year.

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Dr. Jeff Rains, the head of the anesthesiologists, said the government is just pouring more money into the same „dysfunctional system.” The group has been issuing overwrought news releases for months, and the latest is no exception. „This is a sweetheart deal negotiated in secret between the provincial government and the BCMA with no input whatsoever from ourselves and many other specialists,” it says.