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the heart has its reasonsGet daily wholesale jerseys updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Jacob O’Dell, 21, pleaded guilty to a raft of crimes today (October 9) including charges of using threatening and abusive words to cause harassment, racially related harassment, three burglaries, thefts from cars and shops, attempted theft, criminal damage of his grandmother’s home and driving offences for driving without insurance and not in accordance with a licence.Recap: Prolific Cambridge burglar shopped by his gran to be sentencedOn one occasion O’Dell hurled abuse at a passing cyclist, Mr Anthony Hogben, in St Andrews Street.O’Dell shouted: „Do cheap nfl jerseys you think you’re big hanging around my girl?”Mr Hogben replied: „She’s your ex now, what does it matter, we’re basically family.”Mr Hogben cycled away but O’Dell shouted: „I’m going to stab you and chop your head off with an axe.”Whilst in custody in May 2017 O’Dell urinated all over the floor of his cell before threatening to rape supervising officer, PC Tumber’s children saying: „You fing pki ct I’ll rape your kids.”EDL mate, go back to your own country.”Mum makes desperate appeal for missing 18 year old son who got lift to CambridgeHe first pleaded not guilty, claiming he would never be racially or religiously abusive because he was a Muslim, he later changed his plea.During sentencing Judge Cooper called the abuse hurled at PC Tumber „vile”.Mr Snelling, mitigating for the defence, said O’Dell lashed out because he was frustrated at being detained after he joked about concealing drugs.Mr Snelling said: „”Mr O’Dell said he had five Kinder eggs worth of drugs in his rectum, this was a joke he thought would be funny to tell police.”It was not true.”Manhunt launched after daylight wholesale nfl jerseys stabbing in street near Co opOn previous occasions O’Dell also threatened to kill a security guard after he was caught attempting to shoplift.O’Dell was also sentenced for burglary after he smashed his way into a house and stole priceless family heirlooms leaving his victims „feeling sick”.He also admitted to two other burglaries from 2012.Horses shot in the face with air rifle while grazingOn another occasion in April 2017, O’Dell barged into his grandmother’s house and demanded to know where his axe was and asked for money.Worried, cheap nfl jerseys from china his grandmother left her house before getting a phone call from O’Dell to tell her he’d „kicked all the doors in”. When she returned two of her doors were broken and had been ripped off their hinges.Mr Snelling, mitigating, said: „He always asks ‚is my Gran out there’. He finds himself isolated.”His Gran used to attend all his court hearings but since the criminal damage to her home their relationship has broken down and she is no longer willing to attend.”O’Dell, who appeared by video link form HMP cheap football jerseys Peterborough, remained silent throughout most of his sentencing, but as Judge Cooper announced his prison term the defendant shouted that he had „lost everyone” in his life and said he was routinely bullied in prison.